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New generation skin rejuvenation systems can perform many operations at the same time. In terms of lifting and wrinkle treatment, focused technologies have been used for non-surgical face lift for the last two years. In this sense, while the first active results are seen with radiofrequency devices, we can observe better results with focused ultrasounds. While only facial tightening is performed with existing HIFU devices, both facial and body treatments can be performed together with Dual HIFU. Dual HIFU can be used for both facial tightening and lifting and reducing body fat, thanks to its high peak power compatible with dual transducers. Compared to existing cartridges, Dual HIFU cartridges are very effective in shortening the treatment time, thanks to the simultaneous activation of dual transducers. It is aimed to help solve the acne problem by regulating the oil balance in skin with acne and similar problems.


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