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Drake Stars as Rich Baby Daddy in Sexyy Red’s New Video Featuring SZA


Drake becomes sexy Red’s Rich baby daddy as they enjoy a Suburban life alongside their homy siza in the creative visual to the popular track released on Valentine’s Day February 14th the video is shot mainly through the lens of an old school camcorder held by Daddy to be

Drake documenting a New Year’s Eve party with his girl red as well as siza and another friend before red goes into labor the group then takes it to the hospital where they’re later joined by scantily clad women who twerk as the new parents celebrate the birth of their

Baby the video closes with a shout out to sexy Red’s real life recent birth of her second child hhdx YouTube video player play button YouTube video Drake and sexy red cosplay Suburban couple en Rich baby daddy video with siza Rich baby daddy lives on Drakes for all the

Dogs album that was released in October sexy red teased the collab months earlier while on Drizzy it’s all a blur tour while she was doing her best to hide her pregnancy talking to billboard for her cover story last month the Pound Town rapper admitted her attempts at hiding

Her baby bump hurt because she was holding her stomach in well performing when nobody knew I was pregnant I’d be in the back room like trying to suck my stomach in or wear clothes to show that I wasn’t pregnant she said and I had to practice my

Breathing like before I’d go on stage I had to hold my stomach in and look at myself and be like can they tell once I just was like okay I can’t keep hiding it cuz it hurt to just be on stage all day holding your stomach in so I’m like

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Just forget about it she continued I was pregnant on the Drake tour and the money bag yo tour but nobody knew people started suspecting it on the Drake tour because there was videos and pictures of me coming out that’s the only reason I was hiding it because I just wanted me

And my family and friends to know the baby was born earlier this month with red revealing the birth by recreating a popular meme of reality star Tiffany New York Ed waiting on her bed with sunglasses me waiting to get discharged from the hospital so I can hit to block

With deu she wrote next to a photo of herself in her hospital gown fans in the comments were excited for her with one person writing you made pregnancy look like a breeze did a whole tour and everything other comments included we are now sexy antus and yes or the streets Miss big sex

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