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Draya Michele Speaks On Having More Kids In Resurfaced Interview


Drea Michelle’s past comments on having children are resurfacing on social media in the wake of her announcement that she is pregnant with Houston Rockets star jayen Green’s child speaking with the shade room back in September she admitted she wanted to have one more child and wasn’t concerned whether she

Was in a relationship to do it yeah I want more kids like one I think she said before discussing her relationship specifically I think the question you’re asking me is if I wanted more kids and I feel like I want more kids and I feel like at this point in my life the

Relationship is amazing to have but that’s not what I’m basing having a kid on because I’m very non-traditional I feel like you can co-parent without being in a relationship maybe just two people say Hey you want a kid I want a kid let’s just have a kid and let’s just see I’m very

Free-spirited I’m very open read more Drea Michelle reveals she’s pregnant with Jaylen Green’s baby Internet calls her a predator Drea Michelle attends Houston Rockets game on International women’s day Michelle posted about motherhood giving her purpose in life happy hash International women’s day as women we navigate through so much often

Leading us to question what is my purpose she began the post for me the magic lies in motherhood and the a inspiring ability to bring life into this world over the span of two decades it’s my superpower and if anything can surpass The Wonder of being a woman it’s the

Privilege of bringing another woman into existence we are Overjoyed to share our love for you little girl I am excited to speak words to the daughter I never thought I’d have we are anxious about your arrival but take your time this world can be tough but know you are

Being brought into a space of Love security and Ador # 28 weeks # 7 months #c coming May 2024 #g girl mom Drea Michelle discusses having kids check out Michelle’s comments on having kids above her pregnancy has been quite controversial considering the DraStic age gap between Michelle 39 and green

22 be on the lookout for further updates onrea Michelle as well as jayen

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