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Eboni K. Williams Criticizes Cam'ron For Mocking Odell Beckham Jr's “Feminine Tendencies” – The Hoima Post –


Eboni K. Williams has taken aim at Cam’ron for recent comments made on his show, It Is What It Is, where the host, along with Ma$e, mocked Odell Beckham Jr (OBJ) for what they referred to as “feminine tendencies.” Responding to the criticism, Williams took to social media, expressing that the remarks reflected jealousy towards gender choice and sexual liberation, privileges not afforded to Black men of their generation.

Williams specifically addressed the obsession some men of Cam’ron’s generation have with the lifestyle choices of younger individuals. Cam’ron has a history of discussing queerness and perceived “feminine” behavior, particularly in relation to OBJ. In a previous incident in August 2023, Cam’ron used a video of OBJ seemingly appreciating his teammates’ physiques to argue for segregating queer athletes in locker room scenarios. Despite claims of having gay relatives, Cam’ron has not responded to Williams’ comments.

Additionally, Cam’ron has vehemently denied rumors insinuating that he himself is secretly queer. In a July 2023 episode of It Is What It Is, he addressed long-standing accusations, stating, “You know how long I had to hear, ‘Cam’s gay, he wears pink’? Bring your mother around, n-gga. See if she gives a f-ck, n-gga. See if your mom gives a whole f-ck, n-gga. I’ll tell her how gay I am. I’ll f-ck her in the pink mink.”

Cam’ron’s actions on his sports talk show, including a request for a live massage from Kisha Chavis, wife of ex-NBA player Joe Smith, have been perceived as attempts to refute queer allegations. Chavis, returning at Ma$e’s request, provided a massage on air, with Cam’ron hyper-fixating on her previous mention of running a massage business during an interview on Check That Stat.

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