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Efforts Underway to Extend EFRIS Enrollment to Small and Medium Enterprises by URA


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The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has announced plans to incorporate all vatable small and medium-sized businesses into the Electronic Fiscal Receipt and Invoice Systems (EFRIS) to streamline Value Added Tax (VAT) collection processes.

This decision was disclosed by the URA Commissioner General, John Musinguzi, following a meeting with members of the Indian Business Forum aimed at discussing taxation and other business facilitation mechanisms. Representatives from the Ministry of Finance and the Uganda National Bureau of Standards also participated in the meeting.

Musinguzi revealed that various operational and policy issues were raised by members of the Indian Business Forum, including concerns about the uneven deployment of EFRIS across vatable businesses in the country. In response, it was decided that immediate action would be taken to enlist all vatable businesses onto EFRIS, utilizing desktop or computer applications for those without payment systems like larger businesses.

The even deployment of EFRIS across all businesses is viewed as an opportunity to create a level playing field. Musinguzi attributed the delay in deployment to the sensitization process and the development of the application tailored for smaller businesses.

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Launched in 2021, EFRIS serves as a digital tax collection measure primarily targeting large businesses such as supermarkets and factories. It aims to curb VAT leakage at the point of sale by tracking business transactions and determining the VAT accrued by each business. For businesses without existing systems, a dedicated application has been developed.

Musinguzi emphasized that the closed-door meeting addressed operational issues promptly, while policy matters will be addressed through joint engagement with the Ministry of Finance and Parliament to effect necessary changes.

Rajesh Kumar, Director General of the Indian Business Forum, commended the responsiveness of URA management to the forum’s concerns, noting that the meeting facilitated direct communication with the tax authority and clarified misunderstandings, particularly regarding EFRIS.

Sudhir Ruparelia, a prominent businessman and forum member, lauded the meeting’s effectiveness in addressing various issues, particularly in dispelling misconceptions surrounding EFRIS.

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