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Exciting prospects unveiled at French Study and Job Fair


The French Ambassador to Uganda, Xavier Sticker at the fair

Kampala, Uganda | PATRICIA AKANKWATSA |  The second edition of the French Study and Job Fair kicked off Satuday at Ecole Française Internationale de Kampala offering exciting opportunities for Ugandan students and job seekers. Organized by Alliance Française Kampala and partners, the event aims to bridge the gap between participants and French educational institutions and companies.

Eric Touze, Director of Alliance Française Kampala, expressed his enthusiasm, highlighting the fair’s value.

“This event provides a one-stop shop for Ugandans to explore French academic options and connect with leading French businesses,” he said.

“We’re excited to facilitate this exchange and empower Ugandan youth,”

The French Ambassador to Uganda, Xavier Sticker, emphasized the importance of the fair in strengthening France and Uganda’s educational and employment ties.

“France cherishes its partnership with Uganda and recognizes the importance of education and job creation,” he stated.

“This fair exemplifies our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering collaboration between our nations,”

According to Oumou Diakite the deputy head Africa unit, Campus France, France is the 6th country in the world that welcomes international students.

“We have 100,000 students from all over the world and hope to reach 500,000 in 2027,”

She also said that the fair is also to provide information to students that they can study in France without knowing French.

“We have over 1000 programmes taught in English in France. Today is an opportunity for students to choose from these with the 7 universities here,”

Thomas Pellitier, President of the French Kampala Business Association, highlighted the potential for economic growth and innovation through cooperation.

“French businesses in Kampala recognize the talent and potential of the Ugandan workforce,” Pellitier remarked.

“This fair acts as a bridge, connecting skilled individuals with employment opportunities across various sectors. It is an opportunity for students to interact face to face with prospective French universities and employers,”

Pellitier added that learning the French language is a bonus opportunity to get one to work in French companies regionally and globally.

“Members of our club recruit every day and post all opportunities. Attending this fair can help one find out all the available job opportunities and where to learn French,”

The event also features presentations from French universities, vocational training centres, and companies offering internships and job placements. Attendees can interact with representatives, gain insights into study programs, and explore career prospects in diverse fields.

“We also have internship offers, job interviews CV writing and sample French classes happening at the fair,” added Pelletier.

The French Study and Job Fair showcases the joint commitment of France and Uganda to promoting development and prosperity through collaborative initiatives in education and employment.


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