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facial PRP


facial PRP

What is PRP? PRP (Platelet rich plasma) refers to the platelet-rich part of the blood.

What do platelets do?

Platelets are blood elements that take part in the clotting mechanism, initiate repair in damaged tissue, and contain growth factors that play an important role in the wound healing process.

Use of PRP for aesthetic purposes

PRP; aesthetically, in maintaining the existing state of well-being, in skin rejuvenation, in eliminating fine wrinkles, in the treatment of acne scars, scars and non-healing wounds, in stopping hair loss by protecting the existing follicles during the active hair loss period, in hair care, in making the hair strands thicker and healthier. It is used to make.

What happens as a result of PRP application for antiaging purposes?

After PRP is applied for antiaging purposes, fibroblast production in the dermal layer increases. Increased fibroblast activity stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis. Interstitial substance production increases, the wound healing process shortens, and therefore the skin renewal process begins. PRP can be applied to all skin areas we want to regenerate.


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