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Fans Criticize Comparison Between Joie Chavis and Draya Michele’s Age Gaps in Relationships


The neighborhood talk tried to ride the viral dream Michelle train when announcing that jaah Chavis and Trayvon Diggs were expecting a child together the popular gossip Outlet announced Chavis pregnancy by sharing a tweet comparing her to Michelle there is a 10-year age gap between Chavis and Diggs

And a 17-year ag gap between Michelle and her partner Jaylen green however fans were not here for the comparison 10 is decent and she don’t got no kids his age one fan argued 10 and 17 years are very different grinning face with sweat added another 25 and 35 is not news confused face

Unamused face noted a third as seen in the examples most people felt that neighborhood talk was simply trying to conflate an unrelated issue for clicks do you feel that the situations are different let us know in the comments dream Michelle gets honest about struggling with hate hits back at London

Brown comments meanwhile Michelle has said that some days she feels like she is struggling to breathe amid the wave of hate she has received over her relationship with Jaylen green previously Michelle had shared words from a self-proclaimed Medicine Woman in response to the hate get comfortable being misunderstood only a fraction of people

Will be able to truly grasp your essence you are not on anyone else’s timeline of comprehension also it’s none of your business how others choose to perceive you most high sees you clearly let that be enough read a tweet however Michelle also had a more direct response to London Brown who had

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Called her passed around Goods in a scathing response to the relationship I have never met this man a day in my life it why he feels the need to speak about me in a situation where he uses the termas brother King I don’t know you didn’t even know your name was

London until today right now the second as I was asked to about this I’ve avoided the net altogether and most btca Tendencies I’ve endured for the past few days I won’t be Li on though stay blessed # I don’t noine # hois # itwi to never Bea Michelle

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