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Finesse2tymes Faces Escalating Snitching Allegations as Social Media Buzz Intensifies


The snitching allegations leveled against finesse two times are picking up steam on social media earlier this week no jumper shared a video from an apparent member of the Memphis Crips on Instagram in which the man claims the rapper named several Associates involved in a robbery including himself many

Years ago the Finesse two times case the state case bro that ho real he said I’m in the paperwork man with his name right there fans in the comments section haded reactions to the video with many still defending the rapper others shared jokes at his expense one wrote I trust any an

Asterisk asterisk asterisk talking about jail allegations if they making a video on an Android FRFR finesse 2 times performs at Kodak Black and Friends concert the snitching allegations began with 1090 Jake last year but resurfaced when DJ academics brought them up amid his Feud with the rapper the N Aster asterisk asteris who

Finessed two times snitched on twice you come up here AK said during a live stream I got $10,000 for you twice two times after you tell me the two times he done told you on you two times an asterisk asterisk asterisk a you got two Dusty fat obese be asterisk asterisk

Asterisk asterisk s claiming you some type of pimp in a poly they got cankles and asterisk asterisk asterisk a the N asterisk asterisk asterisk dropped a song and got 172,000 view in 20 hours that s asteris gasis t not even trending this s asteris gasis t not trending in your city the S

Asteris GIS T not trending in your household you’re be asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk es don’t even got in on their playlist finesse two times faces snitching accusations finesse had called academics out in his single clickbait he wrapped tell the shade room this/ say cheese that/ 1090 J K asterisk

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Asterisk asterisk H I’ll put 100 on whack mob calls but I told you I was a dawn SL I’m really one of them on/ hold up academics you a bum be on the lookout for further updates on finesse two times on hot new

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