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Flo Milli Surprises Fans with Announcement of New Album Fine Ho, Stay and Collaborations with Cardi


While we’re still only a few months into 2024 it’s already been an undoubtedly successful year for FL Millie the Alabama born performers viral hit never lose me continues to draw impressive numbers on streaming services and she has even more to come yesterday the 24-year-old took to social media to

Surprise announce her new album fine ho stay is scheduled to arrive tomorrow March 15th the project will follow her 2020 debut ho why is you here as well as 2022 you still here ho of course fans can’t wait to hear what Flo Millie has in store for them next fortunately she

Hopped on Twitter /x today to give them a taste of what’s to come in a new clip she sings along with the dreamy track when none other than cardi B enters the shot popup guess who btch she captioned the post also adding a kissing Emoji

Never lose me remix ft at siza and at I am cardb tonight fine ho stay arrives March 15th for obvious reasons fans are thrilled and looking forward to hearing some of the other high-profile features Flo has secured aside from cardi B and siza she’s also tapped Ghana for a feature on

Fine ho stay Mona Leo and Anisha also make appearances luckily for listeners they’ll also have an opportunity to catch the FC live later this year she scheduled to join Ghana on his Bittersweet tour in May kicking things off with a performance in Columbus Ohio they’re expected to hit over 15 cities

Including Miami Chicago Atlanta and more what do you think of Flo Millie teaming up with cardi B and siza for a remix of her viral hit are you looking forward to hearing what they do with the never lose me remix what about her new album coming tomorrow fine ho stay share your

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