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Fort Portal leaders demands transfer of RCC after Mayor verbally assaulted


Fort portal city leaders during a press breifing early today. PHOTO URN

Fort Portal, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Fort Portal city council authorities are demanding the immediate transfer of the Resident City Commissioner, Hellen Kamwine, and her two deputies following a heated standoff between the mayor, Edson Asaba Ruyonga, and the Fort Portal City North Division Deputy Resident City Commissioner, Andrew Ntange, on Friday.

The city leaders, along with the office of the Resident City Commissioner, had embarked on a joint monitoring field visit at Ibale primary school in Fort Portal central division, prompted by reports of substandard work from a whistleblower on several city projects.

During the inspection, Ruyonga insisted on the urgent replacement of softwood doors with hardwood doors, as specified in the Bills of Quantities for the construction of a 5-stance, Shillings 28 million pit latrine at the school.

However, Ntange confronted Ruyonga, labeling him as an “idiot” and a “madman” who lacked the authority to issue such directives. This altercation led to a bitter exchange between the two leaders.

In a subsequent joint press briefing with both North and Central Division Mayors at the City Mayor’s Parlor in Booma Fort Portal, the City leaders appealed to the Minister in charge of the Presidency for an immediate overhaul of the human resource in the office of the President.

They cited influence peddling and a lack of respect for local leaders as reasons for their demand. Ruyonga revealed evidence of collusion between city technocrats, led by the town clerk at the time,  Moses Otimong, and the RCC’s office.

They allegedly facilitated a contract for the Regional Internal Security Officer, Dona Adiiki, to construct a pit latrine at Kiguma primary school under a private company named “CADIMA COMBINED ENTERPRISES LTD,” despite its illegality. Ruyonga accused the RCC’s office of failing in its mandate to monitor government programs in the city.

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Joseph Mshuhuko, the Fort Portal North Division Mayor, condemned the actions of the DRCC and emphasized the need for immediate change, citing a lack of integrity and respect for the people of Fort Portal.

Prosper Businge, a member of the city executive, criticized the RCC’s office for writing negative reports about city political leaders while allegedly backing and conniving with technocrats to commit illegalities and refusing to implement council resolutions.

Margret Kabajwara, the female youth councilor and a member of the executive, denounced the DRCC’s tolerance of substandard works and announced the city council’s decision not to engage the office of the presidency until action is taken to transfer the current occupants.

Jorum Kinuge, the secretary for works, highlighted that out of eight pit latrines constructed in the 2022/2023 financial year, only one at Bagaya Primary School has been commissioned due to defects. He criticized the RCC’s office for remaining silent on shoddy works.

In response, Ntange denied assaulting the Mayor but claimed to have called for calmness after his outburst.



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