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From Baganda Snobbery to Teso Looting


Cash Transactions Raise Alarms Among Ugandan MPs

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In a country where political shifts are as frequent as Kampala traffic jams, Uganda finds itself on a carousel of governance, spinning through tribal dominance, traumatic transitions, and unabashed looting. From Baganda snobbery to Western plunder, the nation’s political landscape has resembled a dramatic soap opera, leaving citizens wondering, “So, what next?”

Era Dominant Tribe Key Characteristics
Baganda Baganda Snobbery, elitism, and cultural dominance
Northerner Acholi, Lango Trauma, violence, and military rule
Westerner Ankole Massive corruption, looting, and nepotism
Teso/Easterner Teso Potential for matching Westerners in looting, if elected


The reign of the Baganda from 1945 to 1962 left behind a lingering taste of snobbery, as their cultural dominance permeated every aspect of Ugandan society. Much like a stubborn stain on a pristine white shirt, their influence persisted long after they relinquished direct control.

Timothy Kalyegira, a keen observer of Uganda’s political rollercoaster, once remarked that Baganda dominance was like that rich uncle who always had the best seat at the family dinner table, looking down on everyone else with a mix of superiority and disdain.

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Then came the era of Northerner rule, dominated primarily by the Acholi from 1962 to 1986. This period was marked by deep trauma, as the country endured violent coups, repressive regimes, and a seemingly endless cycle of military rule. It was like living in a horror movie where the monsters were real and wore military fatigues.

If Baganda snobbery was the appetizer and Northerner trauma the main course, then Westerner rule has proven to be the dessert of corruption, served with a side of nepotism and a sprinkling of embezzlement. Since 1986, when the current president, hailing from Ankole, assumed power, Uganda has witnessed a feeding frenzy of looting and plundering that would make even the most seasoned thief blush.

In this carnival of corruption, political office has become synonymous with personal enrichment, and public funds are treated like Monopoly money by those in power. It’s as if the country’s coffers were a bottomless pit, ripe for the picking by anyone with the right connections and a willingness to turn a blind eye to morality.

But amidst the chaos and cynicism, a new contender has emerged on the horizon. With figures like Patrick Amuriat and Anita Among gaining prominence, there’s a whisper of change in the air. Could the Teso and Eastern regions be set to join the ranks of the looting elite, giving the Westerners a run for their ill gotten money?

Only time will tell if Uganda’s political carousel will continue its dizzying spin or if, just maybe, there’s a chance for a new direction. But for now, one thing is certain: the ride is far from over, and the passengers are in for one hell of a journey.

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