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Gilbert Arenas Defends Kevin Hart Against Katt Williams' Industry Plant Accusation – The Hoima Post –


Gilbert Arenas has come to the defense of Kevin Hart after Katt Williams labeled Hart as an industry plant. Arenas argued that Hart succeeded in roles that Williams himself turned down, emphasizing that Hart was merely making the most of the opportunities available to him.

He questioned why Williams was trying to diminish Hart’s career when Williams had previously admitted to not wanting those roles. Arenas’ comments echo Michael Blackson’s response, suggesting that Williams was seeking relevance and should recognize that times have changed since his peak in 2005.

In response to the interview, Hart encouraged Williams to let go of his anger and shared the trailer for his upcoming film “LIFT” on Netflix. The ongoing feud between Hart and Williams includes past clashes over Hart defending Tiffany Haddish in 2018.

Sharpe hosted both Williams’ explosive interview and Arenas’ subsequent comments on the fallout. What are your thoughts on Gilbert Arenas defending Kevin Hart against Katt Williams’ accusations? Share your opinions in the comment section below.


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