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Goldmine Finance opens new branch in Kabalagala – UG Standard


Minister of finance Matia Kasaija

Goldmine Finance, a tier four financial institution has extended it’s footprints in Kabalagala, Kampala suburb to provide customers with a seamless banking experience.

Minister for Finance Matia Kasaija who officiated the opening of this new and third branch has noted that the country’s economy will be growing at a rate of 7% in the next financial year, up from the current 6%.

The minister noted that if it was not for the COVID-19 Pandemic that made some investors retract their investments, the country’s economy would be now growing at a rate of 8%.

He said that, although the economy is growing with some hitches at the Moment, it has been able to grow at a rate of 6% and he is optimistic that within the next financial year, it will grow at a rate of 7%.

He asked the community to ensure that they engage in businesses that create jobs for the citizens and also pay taxes to the country.

He further stakeholders in financials institutions to design programs that will track and follow whether thier customers put the borrowed money to the target investment.

Minister said failure to follow up has led some of customers to divert resources to other unproductive investments.

” We are excited to expand our presence to Kabalagala and provide our customers and the general public with greater accessibility to our financial products and services” said Mr. Allan Tayebwa, Managing director of Goldmine Finance.


He said that the new branch reflects company’s commitment to delivering innovative financial solutions and personalized services to meet the evolving financial needs of it’s customers.

He added that at the new branch, customers should expect a wide range of financial services including personal and business loans.

The newly launched branch is located at embassy plaza and it’s doors will officially open to the public on Thursday, April 4th 2024, he noted.

Goldmine Finance is a tier four non deposit taking microfinance institution that started in 2011.


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