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Healthy Child Tracking


Healthy Child Tracking

In summary, the following services are provided at Anadolu Health Center Child Health and Diseases Clinic: 1- Healthy Child Follow-up; In the first 1st and 2nd weeks after birth, and in the 0-6th weeks thereafter. Once a month between 6-12 months. The child’s growth (height, weight, head circumference), development and physical examination are evaluated in well-child examinations performed every 2 months between the ages of 1 and 2 months, every 3 months between the ages of 1-2, and every 6 months after the age of 2. Thanks to these follow-ups, your baby’s vaccinations are made in line with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization and preventive physician consultancy is given. At the same time, your babies’ physical, social and psychological developments are monitored. 2- Vaccines; In our clinic, all childhood vaccines, both those given in family health centers and those not given, are administered. This includes the routine annual flu vaccine, meningococcal vaccine, HPV (cervical cancer vaccine), and all other childhood vaccines. 3- Check up examinations; Starting from kindergarten, annual check-up examinations (starting from the age of 4) and adolescent check-up examinations (10-16 years of age) are provided.


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