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Hoima District Receives 10,000 Measles Vaccine Doses


Measles Uganda
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The Hoima district health department has taken proactive measures in response to a confirmed measles outbreak by acquiring an additional 10,000 doses of measles vaccines. This effort aims to bolster vaccination efforts and mitigate the spread of the disease within the district.

The outbreak, initially identified in four villages of Runga and Kavava in Kiganja sub-county, as well as Tonya and Rwentale in Buseruka sub-county, has primarily affected children aged between one and five years. In light of this, the district health department swiftly initiated a mass measles vaccination campaign to curb further transmission.

Despite these efforts, the district faced a shortage of measles vaccines, prompting an emergency order to the National Medical Stores (NMS) for additional supplies. Fredrick Byenume, the Hoima district health inspector, confirmed the receipt of over 10,000 doses of measles vaccines from NMS, supplementing the initial 6,000 doses delivered earlier by the Ministry of Health.

With a total of 16,000 vaccine doses now available, the district aims to vaccinate individuals aged one to fifteen years, prioritizing children in affected areas. Byenume emphasized the importance of community mobilization by local leaders and stakeholders to ensure widespread vaccination coverage and prevent further disease spread.

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In addition to vaccination efforts, residents are advised to avoid overcrowded areas where the virus has been reported, minimizing the risk of transmission. To date, 394 cases of measles have been recorded since the outbreak, prompting the vaccination of 3,730 individuals, primarily children aged one to fifteen years.

Measles, characterized by symptoms including fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, inflamed eyes, and a distinctive skin rash, typically manifests 10 to 14 days after exposure to the virus. Health experts stress the importance of prompt vaccination and community awareness to contain the outbreak and protect vulnerable populations from measles-related complications.

Table: Summary of Measles Vaccination Efforts in Hoima District

Vaccination Effort Progress
Total Vaccine Doses Received 16,000
Individuals Vaccinated 3,730
Target Population Children aged one to fifteen years
Symptoms of Measles Fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, rash

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