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‘I Resign And Go Where? Did You Put Me In Parliament?’- Speaker Among Responds To Critics


Anita Among, the Speaker of Parliament currently under fire, has suggested that there are plans to remove her from her leadership position.

“There are people who are saying they want to reclaim their speakership seat, What did they leave there? What haven’t we done?” said Among on Saturday in Bukedea district.

Her comments come amid heightened public criticism of Parliament’s high spending, particularly by the Speaker’s office.

Among, who officially became a member of the NRM yesterday, was confirming her details in the ruling party’s register at Apopong Primary School in Bukedea.

The Speaker did not disclose the identities of those who are threatening her political career.

However, it is speculated that she was likely referring to the former Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga.

Insiders close to Kadaga have indicated that she is no longer interested in the Speaker’s role.

Among seemed to be rallying her hometown to support her as she navigates the complex landscape of Ugandan politics.

“You mean in Teso we don’t need a speaker? In Bukedea, we don’t need a speaker? Maybe I am a better asset than them. I want to tell you that we are still there. By the grace of God, those who think they will continue fighting us will be put to shame.” Among said.

Earlier this week, Among thwarted the opposition’s attempts to hold a comprehensive debate on allegations that the Speaker’s Office had spent billions of shillings on questionable corporate social responsibility activities.

Among declared that she would not respond based on rumors and that she would not allow Parliament to be run based on gossip that has been ‘cooked up’ on social media.

“I will never give you answers based on hearsay or rumormongering. And we aren’t going to run this house on rumor-mongering. Me to answer you on hearsay, on things you have cooked on social media because I have said no to b**-shafting, I will not,” she added.

The Bukedea Woman MP affirmed that as long as she has the backing of her constituent members, she would not be cowed and neither would she exit Parliament.

“Those people who say I should resign, did they put me as the Member of Parliament? My voters are here. And my President who supported me is supporting me. And I want to ask you people of Bukedea to pray for our President. Pray for your country, pray for your speaker,” She assured the rest of the country.

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