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Ice Cube Responds to Old Conspiracy Theory About Rap Culture


Ice Cube has often had a strange relationship with politics while he’s often been praised for some of his activism he also took a controversial antivaccine stance during the covid-19 pandemic last year he controversially appeared on an episode of Tucker carlon’s Twitter show in a conversation with the former conservative news host

He revealed just how serious he was in his antibac stance he claims to have turned down a $9 million movie role because he refused to get the VAC seene now he’s once again crossing paths with politics that came when he posted a response to a decades old conspiracy

Theory on Twitter in response to a clip shared by a different conservative pundit Alex Jones one fan brought up a conspiracy theory about a conversation of powerful voices in rap music meant to shift the genre in a violent Direction I believe Cube at Ice Cube likely has direct knowledge of the

Secret meeting that crazy bone was referring to in the above long clip with which leaves speculation that either the NWA group was directly involved in the matter or were at least the model that all other groups were to mimic being the group was directly blamed for the rising

Crime rate by the federal government at the height of the group’s career his tweet reads unsurprisingly Ice Cube has some thoughts Ice Cube claps back at Twitter conspiracy theorist opinions are like everybody has one and they all stink what evidence do you have to make

A statement like that ice cube said in a quote tweet response to the fan the fan did try and backpedal on their comments and the replies to Cub’s quote tweet but the rapper himself seems to be done arguing the point Ice Cube’s presence and influence in Hip Hop is still pretty

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Obvious last year he napped his first song to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify with it was a good day what do you think of Ice Cube’s response to a fan where he refutes a conspiracy theory about rap culture let us know in the comment section below

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