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Ice Spice Faces Backlash After Cryptic Response to Online Criticism


Whenever ice spice is met with either fair or exaggerated criticism online she always knows exactly how to effectively clap back for the most part still given her most recent response to a Twitter user fans expressed disappointment in her choice of retaliation either let her work with someone who can help with her performing

And Stage presence or send her back to the Bronx please the critical listener captioned a video of a New York rapper performing her latest single thank you the asterisk asterisk t fart then she retorted with while we’re being constructive Dash and posted a picture of the woman who roasted her

Live show specifically a mirror selfie furthermore in comparison to ice spice’s other clapbacks many fans took issue with the lack of clarity here is she insulting her looks her outfit her body her camera angles or is it all of the above in any circumstance some folks thought the 24-year-old took things too

Far and might even be fat phobic if she meant it as a dig to her body perhaps she didn’t take this seriously in the first place and just wanted to troll a fan but it’s fair to say there are much better ways to make your message clear

Without it being at the expense of someone’s physical appearance ice spice draws backlash from fans after mocking Twitter user see comments for example ice spice could have just specifically roasted the outfit or photo angle but instead the vagueness leaves a lot of room for NE ative interpretation in fact she should

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Probably Focus that energy on her alleged rap opponents instead of towards potential fans who just want quality entertainment and don’t deserve the smoke of these potential matchups the deli hitmaker’s current big Target seems to be lto thanks to speculation over back and forth’s bias song Snippets and social media

Responses it’s all just in the rumor mail for now but if something concrete happens it’ll surely cause pandemonium in the rap game meanwhile with her new album y 2K set to drop later this year there’s no telling where she’ll take things next will the Batman tootus as Robin keep working with their Jersey

Drill sound or will this be a new artistic leap with plenty of smoke to spare drop your predictions in the comment section down below

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