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Ice Spice Reflects on Emotional Reaction to Taylor Swift Collaboration and Teases Upcoming Album


Earlier today I spice appeared on today for an interview that covered a variety of topics for the rapper who had a massive breakthrough in 2023 it comes just a day after she appeared at spotify’s Best New Artist party where she performed her divisive new song Thank you the sh asterisk te

She’s one of two favorites alongside Victoria Monae to eventually take home the best new artist award at the Grammys this weekend part of her meteoric rise to fame came from the collaborations she managed to pull last year she dropped a pair of tracks with Nicki Minaj and a

Pair of singles with pink pantheris and Rema but her biggest hit came on a remix of an already existing song that song is karma by Taylor Swift it originally came out in 20122 on Taylor’s Midnight’s album before getting a remix on the Project’s deluxe edition the collaboration was a major score for

Spice and the resulting song was one of many big hits Taylor had last year during her recent interview spice spoke on what it felt like to First hear that Taylor wanted to collaborate I spice’s initial reaction to collaborating with Taylor Swift I started crying when I

Heard about it I was like no you’re lying that’s not real I was so emotional it was like tears of joy of course but just grateful iconic I spice says in the clip spice has big plans in 2024 to follow up her breakthrough year she announced that she has a new album

Called Y2K dropping later this year she didn’t just announce a new album though she also confirmed that she has a crazy feature coming on the project what do you think of ice spice’s first reaction to hearing that Taylor Swift wanted to collaborate with her on the karma remix

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Do you think the two artists complimented each other on the song let us know in the comment section below

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