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Ice Spice's Younger Brother, Joey Gaston, Faces Taunts With Sister's Lyrics On The Football Field – The Hoima Post –


Joey Gaston, the younger brother of rising rap star Ice Spice, recently shared with Complex that he often faces taunts from opposing players and fans who recite his sister’s lyrics during football games. The high school quarterback, who plays for Iona Prep High School in New Rochelle, NY, disclosed instances where defensive ends would mock him after sacking by quoting Ice Spice’s lyrics.

Gaston, recognized as a dual-threat QB and considered one of the top players in the state, revealed his experience during the semifinals of the playoffs. He recounted hearing the student section chanting, “we love Ice Spice,” which led to a humorous exchange when Gaston threw a touchdown and responded by clapping on the sidelines.

Despite his football prowess, Gaston does not currently appear on ESPN’s Top 300 recruiting list for his class (2025), and there is no evidence of scholarship offers at this time. However, reports suggest that he has garnered interest from USC.

Meanwhile, Ice Spice seems poised for a significant year in 2024. Speculations arose after her flag, featuring a modified American flag in pink with an image of Spice, was seen flying over Capitol Records’ headquarters on Christmas Eve 2023. Fans hope this hints at the release of her full-length debut in 2024, supported by teasers from her longtime producer, RIOTUSA.

Ice Spice’s breakout year in 2023 included unique achievements like having her own drink at Dunkin’ Donuts. The Ice Spice Munchkins Drink commercial, featuring a playful exchange with actor Ben Affleck, aired during the VMAs, adding to the anticipation surrounding Ice Spice’s potential takeover of the rap game in 2024.

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