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Infobip enhance customer purchase journeys on WhatsApp


Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Infobip, a global leader in cloud communications, has unveiled a new capability that allows businesses to design and execute complete customer purchase journeys within WhatsApp.

This innovative approach leverages the latest functionalities of the WhatsApp Business Platform, enabling businesses to facilitate a range of tasks and transactions without ever requiring customers to leave the app.

Traditionally, engaging with businesses on WhatsApp necessitated directing customers to external sites for further actions such as information retrieval, customer support interactions, or payment processes. This often led to a disjointed customer experience, marked by friction and inconsistency, contributing to higher rates of cart abandonment.

Ben Lewis, Vice President of Marketing & Growth at Infobip, said by streamlining the customer journey within the WhatsApp Business Platform, the company eliminates the need for customers to navigate between different applications and websites, thereby enriching the value delivered to both businesses and their clientele.

“Our expanded professional services are designed to assist brands in seamlessly integrating Flows and Payments into their existing operational and payment systems,” he explained.

This development follows a recently launched new blueprint to enable brands embed conversational experiences for customer communication for both retention and growth. The blueprint details how businesses can design end-to-end customer journeys through chat apps to boost customer loyalty and sales.

Infobip handles an impressive volume of 37 billion interactions each month across the world. These interactions span various sectors, including telecoms, banking and finance, e-commerce, travel and hospitality, insurance, transport and logistics, and retail.

With a presence in 75+ offices on 6 continents, Infobip connects with over 7 billion people and things, making it a pivotal player in the communication landscape.

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