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Internal Auditors Partner With UNRA to Plant 5,000 Trees


The Institute of Internal Auditors of Uganda (IIA-U) has commenced a partnership with the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to plant up to 5,000 trees as part of a contribution to environmental conservation. The project was launched with an event where IIA leaders and UNRA staff planted about 20 trees at the Entebbe Expressway, near the Mpala road toll.   

IIA President, Mr. Moses Kasakya, and Vice President for Mobilization, Ms. Dorothy Nseka Kiyaga, highlighted the adverse effects of climate change in Uganda and globally, urging all Ugandans to take action. Kasakya stated, “We are all auditors… The mission of internal audit is to protect, enhance value, and improve organizations. We demonstrate this by taking action when necessary, and today we begin by planting 5,000 trees.”   

Kasakya’s remarks emphasized the auditors’ commitment to environmental conservation, setting an example through direct action. Kasakya: “We need to do something to conserve our environment, and as auditors, we are demonstrating this by planting 5,000 trees.”

Ms. Kiyaga pointed out that climate change issues have been taken lightly in the past, but recent excessive heat has highlighted the urgent need for action.     Kiyaga: “Climate change has made it nearly impossible to sleep at night or think during the day due to excessive heat, making it clear that urgent action is needed.”    

IIA Executive Secretary Kirungi Ronald explained that the choice of planting trees aligns with the organization’s and the Global Internal Auditors Institute’s theme for this year, “Arise and Elevate,” which prioritizes actionable responses to critical issues. He emphasized the need for better care of nature to mitigate the adverse effects of global change.  

UNRA’s publicist, Allan Ssempeebwa, expressed support for the partnership, noting its alignment with the Authority’s goal to maintain green environments along roads. He encouraged more such partnerships to help absorb carbon emissions and other pollutants. Ssempeebwa: “Ugandans are entitled to green environments along the roads, and the IIA-U partnership helps us fulfill this obligation.”

Arnold Aryatuha, the Entebbe Expressway Project Manager, explained that UNRA’s “Green Right of Way” policy ensures that road users are entitled to clean and green road environments. This initiative highlights the collaborative efforts of IIA-U and UNRA to combat climate change and enhance the environmental landscape in Uganda.


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