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Is every lump under the armpit cancer?


Is every lump under the armpit cancer?

Armpit swelling is a very common problem that almost everyone encounters at some point in their life.

Armpit swelling is a very common problem that almost everyone encounters at some point in their life. Although a palpable mass under the armpit may worry the person that it may be cancer, the swelling may also have different causes.

Causes of Gland Formation under the Armpit

The majority of formations such as swelling, glands and lumps in the armpit are considered normal and do not cause any problems. Here are the reasons for masses forming under the armpit:

Furunculosis: Inflamed Hair Follicle

The most common cause of glands under the armpit is furunculosis, that is, inflamed hair follicle. In furunculosis caused by ingrown hair, sweat cannot come out of the root, leading to the formation of bacteria. Sweat glands become inflamed and large and small swellings occur in the armpit. These swellings may disappear on their own over time, or they may turn into cysts that cause serious discomfort. To prevent sweat gland inflammation that may occur in the seat horse, the skin pores in this area must be kept open. Care should be taken when removing armpit hair to prevent the hair follicle from getting trapped under the skin. Shaving the armpit instead of waxing reduces the risk of inflammation. It is also necessary to avoid the use of chemical-based deodorants and roll-ons that damage this area, which has a very sensitive structure.

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Swollen Lymph Nodes

Lymph node swelling, known as lymphadenitis, is another cause of armpit swelling. The armpit area is a region rich in lymph vessels. The lymph vessels located here discharge the lymph fluid into the bloodstream, allowing it to be filtered and purified. Lymph nodes, which play an important role in the body’s fight against infections, can become inflamed and cause swelling in the armpit when the body’s defenses are weakened or infected with a virus. Lymph node swelling generally occurs as a result of bacterial skin infections and can cause painful swelling in the armpit. If lymph node swelling is noticed under the armpit, a specialist doctor should be consulted without delay. The doctor takes lymph fluid from the swollen lymph node and analyzes it, and the cause of the inflammation is found and a treatment method is selected.


Another cause of masses forming under the armpit is cancer. Especially blood cancer, breast cancer, non-Hodgking lymphoma and Hodgking lymphoma can cause gland formation in the armpit. With early diagnosis and effective treatment, treatment success reaches almost 90%. Cancer cells formed in the body reach the armpit gland through the lymph fluid and cause the lymph nodes in this area to enlarge. In cancer diseases, palpable glands, lumps and swellings in the armpit are very important. If left untreated, cancer cells in this area can spread throughout the body through lymph vessels and lymph fluid.


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