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Is Speaker Anita Among a Target of Political Interests?


Is Speaker Anita Among a Target of Political Interests?

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The Director of Public Affairs at Parliament, Chris Obore, has made assertions that accusations of corruption within Parliament are primarily aimed at tarnishing the reputation of Speaker Anita Among. According to Obore, these allegations are being propagated by the Agora Discourse activist group, allegedly funded by a foreign embassy, with the specific intent of undermining Among’s leadership.

During a discussion hosted by X (formerly Twitter), Obore accused the activist group of targeting Among personally, rather than solely focusing on accountability. He suggested that the group’s actions intensified following Among’s involvement in the passage of legislation related to homosexuality.

While Obore acknowledged some validity to the information presented by the activists regarding alleged corruption within Parliament, he disputed specific claims, particularly regarding the Speaker’s expenditures and travel arrangements.

The ongoing #UgandaParliamentExhibition, organized by the Agora Discourse group, has brought to light various instances of corruption, abuse of power, and questionable financial transactions within Parliament. However, neither Speaker Among nor her Deputy, Thomas Tayebwa, have publicly addressed these allegations.

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Responding to accusations of targeting Among personally, Agather Atuhaire, a key figure behind the exhibition, refuted such claims. Atuhaire emphasized the importance of focusing on facts rather than personalities, asserting that the aim is to hold accountable those entrusted with significant power and responsibility.

Recently, Atuhaire unveiled data suggesting irregular financial transactions involving Parliament staff, including drivers and political assistants allegedly receiving unexplained funds. These revelations have further fueled concerns about potential corruption within the institution.

While Obore dismissed the data shared by Atuhaire, citing confidentiality restrictions, Atuhaire maintained the authenticity of the information and called for transparency and accountability from Parliament.

Former Leader of the Opposition Winnie Kiiza echoed calls for transparency within Parliament, urging leaders to address concerns raised by Agora’s exhibition. Kiiza emphasized the importance of restoring public trust in parliamentary institutions through open dialogue and accountability measures.

The exhibition has also shed light on controversial issues such as service awards granted to former leaders of the opposition, raising questions about the legality and transparency of such practices. Critics argue that without proper legislative oversight, these rewards undermine accountability.

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has joined the conversation, demanding accountability from Speaker Among’s administration. Opondo has raised concerns about alleged bribery and financial impropriety, echoing calls for transparency and accountability.

Concerns have also been raised regarding financial management and transparency within African parliaments, with the African Parliamentary Monitoring Organizations Network (APMON) emphasizing the need for oversight and accountability.

As the debate over corruption allegations continues, the spotlight remains on Speaker Anita Among and her leadership. While accusations of political witch hunts persist, calls for accountability and transparency are growing louder.

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