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Issa Rae Reflects on the Cancellation of Rap Sh!t and the Alarming Trend of Black TV Shows


Earlier this month season 2 of Issa Ray’s rap themed Show rap sh T wrapped up on HBO the season came alongside a mixtape soundtrack which featured contributions from some names like sexy red Rico nasty Cal 3 guapdad 4,000 and more but after season 2 of The Show wrapped up fans got

Some bad news about its future a few weeks ago HBO confirmed that the shell wouldn’t be returning for a third season during a recent interview Isa Ray discussed the show being cancelled in particular she discussed how it represents an alarming trend of black TV shows being cancelled you’re seeing so

Many black shows get cancelled you’re seeing so many Executives especially on the Dei side get canned you’re seeing very clearly now that our stories are less of a priority she began the discussion I am pessimistic because there’s no one holding anybody accountable and I can sure but also at

What cost I can’t force she to make my stuff it’s made me take more steps to try to be independent down the line if I have to she continued check out the full quote from her interview below Issa Ray on rap sht cancellation Issa Ray interview are often primed for hilarious viral

Content last year during an interview she explained that she’s happy she didn’t become famous until her 30s looking at what some younger celebrities do she’s happy she got to learn plenty of lessons before for ever facing the scrutiny of the public eye despite the cancellation of rap sh T ray

Was still part of one of the biggest Financial successes of the entire 2020 so far she was in the cast of Barbie which broke box office records on its way to being one of the biggest pop culture moments of 2023 what do you think of Issa Ray’s take on rap sh T

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Being canceled after just two seasons let us know in the comment section below

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  1. @josephgonsalves8579 says

    I'm not going to bring up the amount of black producers or the fact there is a channel that is strictly black. The reason there are more black shows cancelled is because there are more black shows/ One comes with the other. When it was all white shows, more white shows got cancelled. The fact that more black shows are getting cancelled means more black shows are being given a chance. Isn't that what we want.

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