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Ja Rule and Hitmaka Tease Collaborative Studio Session, Hinting at New Music


Jaw Rule and hitmaka recently linked up for a studio session which means there could be some new heat coming from them in the near future unfortunately the clip doesn’t have any sound so we don’t really know for sure what style or approach they vibed to in the

Booth however we do know that the producer is very versatile and amassed a lot of hits it’s in the name folks so we’re sure that there could be some great chemistry with the New York rapper in fact considering that jaw has another album on the way hope hopefully this

Ends up being one of many beatsmith links that he partook in for its creation furthermore hitmaka is still keeping busy with his career even if some potential beef with King Harris TI and Tiny might get in the way of a possible collab regardless we can only

Guess as to what this new work with J Rule could sound like especially considering their storyed Artistry will they tackle flashy old school 2000s beats to evoke the previous era or will we see the MC ride more contemporary prod production either way these career revitalizations are always

A treat to see in hipop even if the results can sometimes make this hype vanish fingers crossed for this one hit Maka and jaw roll cooking up of course we know that ja Ru is very competent in his skills and success as he thinks no top 50 rappers list is complete without

Him I’m not a hater he set a billboard and Vibes top 50 MC list which left him off during a recent appearance on the Tamarind Hall Show congrats to everyone on the list but these lists they’re meaningless because music is subjective you like who you want to like you know

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Everybody has their favorite artist but my thing was this is a list comprised by billboard they do numbers and statistics if I’m not mistaken okay so that list is impossible to make without jaw rule being on it statistically impossible there are artists that don’t have number one records don’t have

Number one albums the always on time spitter continued I’m not knocking anybody on the list because like I said music is subjective and when it comes to some of the older artists you kind of got to go by different metrics because they didn’t have the sales so I get that but I said

What I said for more news and the latest updates on hitmaka and J Rule stay

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