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Jermaine Dupri Teases 2000s Nostalgia With Upcoming Anthem Featuring Nelly, Ashanti, And Juicy J – The Hoima Post –


Jermaine Dupri has transported fans back to the early 2000s with a sneak peek of an upcoming anthem featuring Nelly, Ashanti, and Juicy J. The So So Def boss teased a snippet of the unreleased posse cut, which exudes star power and is set to be part of his forthcoming EP scheduled for release later in 2024 via Mass Appeal.

In the studio, Dupri shared a teaser of the track on Wednesday (January 3), with Ashanti beautifully singing the chorus, borrowing from the 1995 track “This Lil’ Game We Play” by Subway and 702.

In the clip, JD says, “Yo, what’s up y’all. I’m in here tryna get this mix done on my new record featuring Nelly, Ashanti, and Juicy J… It’s an EP on Mass Appeal. The first single was with me and Jacquees called ‘Pick It Up.’ This gonna be the second song. That’s what we on today.”

Dupri had previously hinted at the record in November, a few months after Nelly confirmed the revival of his relationship with Ashanti.

This collaboration marks Ashanti and Nelly’s first reunion on a track since 2008’s “Body On Me.”

Amidst rumors circulating in 2023 about Nelly and Ashanti reigniting their romance, it was in September that the “Hot In Herre” artist publicly acknowledged his relationship with the singer on Boss Moves With Rasheeda.

“Yeah, we cool again,” he shared with a big grin. “I think it surprised both of us. It wasn’t anything that I don’t think planned. I think we were both doing pretty much what we do. Sometimes being separate you understand one another more.”

Nelly continued, “You could be like maybe let me see exactly what they say. You know we could all be defensive in our relationships. We know we wrong but we gonna stand on it. We all a victim to that. It’s no pressure. Before, I felt both of us doing what we doing career-wise, and you got so many people in the middle of it, it could be tough.

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