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Jimmy Spire Criticizes Opposition’s Silence on Parliament Exhibition Scandals


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Jimmy Spire expressed disappointment over the lack of response from the opposition regarding the issues uncovered by the #UgandaParliamentExhibition. Spire emphasized the gravity of these issues and expected the opposition to take decisive action to demand accountability from Parliament. However, he noted a conspicuous absence of such action, likening the opposition’s response to scarecrows or empty shells.

Spire specifically mentioned the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) as appearing disinterested, with no visible efforts from the Katonga group. He observed that the National Unity Platform (NUP) seemed preoccupied with other matters, such as Hon. Mpuuga, while the Democratic Party (DP) appeared to be in a state of uncertainty. Spire also remarked on the apparent lack of central party action from the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), despite hearing Hon. Winnie Kiiza speak on the matter.

The absence of robust opposition action is troubling, given the seriousness of the scandals revealed by the Parliament exhibition. Spire highlighted the importance of the public’s reaction to these scandals, suggesting that the state closely monitors our responses. He warned against complacency, noting that when scandals are not met with strong opposition, they are more likely to recur.

Spire questioned whether Ugandans have become desensitized to abuse and corruption due to the frequency of such incidents. He raised concerns about the psychological effects of serial abuse, noting that victims may become indifferent as a coping mechanism. Spire compared this to becoming accustomed to a foul odor after spending time in a stench-filled environment. He questioned whether Ugandans have reached a point of resignation and helplessness, where they no longer feel anger or outrage towards corruption and abuse.

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