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Joe Exotic Appeals to Kim Kardashian for Legal Assistance, But Chooses the Wrong Sister


Joe Exotic has sought to become the next legal project of Kim Kardashian a cute also please have your sister help me get out of this hell hole Joe wrote on an Instagram post of Courtney holding her son Joe is currently serving 21 years for 17 counts of animal abuse and two counts of

Attempted murder For Hire currently held at FMC Fort Worth in Texas Joe is scheduled for release in 2035 however fans have joked that Joe has gone after the wrong sister as fans of the Kardashians know the relationship between Courtney and Kim is Rocky at best during the show’s most recent

Season Kim revealed that she and other members of the Ken Clan have a not Courtney group chat where they vent about their sister and her various external dramas Kim Kardashian says failing the baby bar three times helped her bond with Northwest Joe is trying to get the help

Of Kim as the most famous of the Ken Clan is studying to be a lawyer however that endeavor has not always gone smoothly Kim’s journey into the legal profession began way back in 2018 citing her late father as her inspiration Kardashian explained that she wanted to follow in his footsteps a distinguished attorney

Robert Kardashian senior is perhaps best remembered for his role as part of OJ Simpson’s legal team however Kim failed the baby bar three times which is usually a sign to give up on one’s legal ambitions despite this Kim passed on the fourth attempt and plans to take the full bar exam next

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Year furthermore she said the whole experience helped her bond with her daughter North that’s one of my favorite episodes too my daughter was there with me cardashian said referring to the episode of the Kardashians where she learned she had passed the bar on her fourth attempt for a long time it was

Difficult for North to understand why I was studying all the time she some me fail and cry she saw how I was no different than her when she was worried because of a test but when she saw me cry from Joy I knew she understood how important that achievement was to me personally

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