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Joe Rogan Responds To Katt Williams' Comments About His Podcast – The Hoima Post –


Joe Rogan, renowned for being one of the most influential podcasters in the industry, recently addressed comments made about him during the infamous Katt Williams interview on Club Shay Shay. Williams suggested that Rogan tends to feature the same six comedians on his show, questioning their comedic prowess. Although this was just a small part of the podcast, Rogan responded by expressing his admiration for Williams and extending an invitation for him to appear on his show.

“I love Katt,” Rogan stated. “He’s one of my favorite comics, and I’d love to have him on. We talk about him all the time. If he’s down, I’ll make it happen.” Rogan’s response has sparked interest among fans, wondering if Williams will take up the offer and join the podcast.

While some perceive Rogan’s response as an attempt to capitalize on the situation, it remains to be seen whether Williams will accept the invitation. If this collaboration materializes, it has the potential to be a compelling episode with entertaining stories from Williams. Fans eagerly await further developments and the possibility of a unique conversation between Rogan and Williams.

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