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Kabale leaders split over implementation of Museveni’s directive on wetland eviction

Locals standing in one of the Irish potato garden that was destroyed by Kabale District authorities recently. PHOTO URN

Kabale, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The implementation of President Yoweri Museveni’s directive on wetland eviction has divided local leaders in Kabale district.

Museveni has consistently urged all Ugandans cultivating in wetland areas to vacate as part of environmental restoration efforts. In late 2023, Museveni ordered the forceful eviction of individuals still cultivating in wetlands.

In January 2024, authorities in Kabale district commenced implementing the directive by destroying locals’ crops grown in wetlands and issuing directives prohibiting further cultivation in these areas.

This sparked opposition from some political leaders, including Nelson Nshangabasheija, Kabale district LC5 Chairman, and Ronald Bagamuhunda, district youth councilor. They began traversing the district and hosting radio talk shows to denounce the implementation exercise.

Nshangabasheija and Bagamuhunda urged locals to resist the directives, claiming they would economically and food security-wise suffocate them.

They demanded compensation of 200 million Shillings each from Museveni for affected locals to migrate to unaffected areas.

However, their resistance campaign drew criticism from Ronald Bakak, Kabale Deputy Resident District Commissioner, who accused them of attempting to compromise a presidential directive, which he deemed non-negotiable.

Bakak questioned their disregard for environmental restoration and suggested they use proper channels, like writing to the president through presidential advisors, to express concerns about the directive’s impact.

Flavia Nyinakiiza Kanagyizi, Kabale District Speaker, condemned Nshangabasheija and his associates’ opposition, emphasizing that they cannot defy the head of state. Kanagyizi refused to support them, stating they were acting outside the law.



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