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Kai Cenat and Adin Ross Fire Back at Joe Budden Over Grammy Comments


Kaiset had some Choice words after Joe Button used him as an example of young streaming end gas while discussing the Grammys what we have here is a case of old engas syndrome stop talking about streaming engas like we some Lil Eng gas bro I could buy you

Myena do you understand that I could pull up like 20 clips of you doubting every 2016 XXL freshman and look at them boys right now you got one hit Joe pump it up no offense to your career and like that but come on bro senet screamed on his stream Aiden Ross a

Close friend and Ally of CET also called out button on his own stream Joe Button every time I see you or a clip of you it’s just on some hating I’m a be honest bro I don’t know what you do I can’t even name one Joe Button song

Respectfully you’re one of these old asses Who hates why can’t you be more like Rick Ross or Snoop Dogg the ogs that are cool as and show flowers to the young you have no room to talk no room to speak me and Kai are 10 times

Richer than you will ever be old man we are more humble than you and we are nicer than you Ross said why are Joe Button and kaon at beefing as mentioned the root of the beef between CET and button stems from comments button made while discussing the Grammys button took

Aim at sinet after playing a clip of sinet complaining that Utopia did not win best rap album of the Year while also admitting that he did not know who Killer Mike was Killer Mike grabbed the award over Travis Scott and a collab album from Drake and 21

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Savage after playing the clip of senet button went in on the Modern Wave of young professional live streamers y’all little streaming end gas don’t always run sht shut the fck up we don’t care about none of that Lil streamy Mosh Pit marked card whatever you gas is doing over there UF

Kopia enopia Anda I’m just so happy that the little fkd FC’s finally have a look in the mirror moment and say oh it’s not about us no adults are out engga engas got fly on real exacts business people shut up for a change I’m so sick of these

Engas we got a rush behind Killer Mike Killer Mike W we got to let these end Gast know what the fck we really think button

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