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Kai Cenat Expresses Disapproval of Nicki Minaj’s Big Foot Diss Track


Kaai senet has given his thoughts on Bigfoot and the barbs aren’t going to be happy I didn’t like this one sinette said simply before telling the barbs not to come after him y’all always say I’m not honest but this is me being honest with y’all not for me the streamer

Admitted on stream it took nearly a week for senet to comment on the Dis Track dropped by Nicki Minaj last weekend of course one might expect sinet to have backed Minaj and her Dis Track the mber 2023 joint stream between KET and Minaj has set a new record for

Concurrent viewers for Senate’s Channel viewership of the stream peaked at 355.00 K according to screenshots of the stream this is reportedly a new record for senet however data from stream charts disputes the figure stating that the peak was 348,000 for a regular stream his previous record was just over 306,000

Viewers Aiden Ross tells kais senet that 21 Savage paid him back meanwhile senet made sure to check in with his friend Aiden Ross after Ross was allegedly scammed by 21 Savage during a phone call with senet Ross cleared the air about the ongoing situation with

21 first Ross made it very clear that he did not blame 21 for using marked cards during their recent high stakes gambling stream instead Ross placed the blame on a member of Savage’s crew furthermore Ross confirmed that since the stream he had received a $250,000 payment from 21 to settle their

Debt senet was simply happy that Ross a close friend of his had got that bread it appears the pair settled on $250,000 after a variety of numbers were thrown around following their stream 21 initially promised to pay Ross $400,000 after the streamer discovered that the rapper crew had brought marked cards for

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Their gambling stream 21 denied any knowledge of the cards however he said he would honor his debt and pay Ross the full amount he owed the rapper had been down $400,000 at one point in the Stream before making a miraculous comeback eventually cashing out with Ross owing him $120,000

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