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Kanye West Reaffirms Anti Semitic Remarks, Asserts Black People Can’t Be Antisemitic


Kanye West has doubled down on his anti-jewish comments claiming that black people can’t be anti-semitic speaking to TMZ at LAX on Monday February 12th after attending the Super Bowl in Las Vegas he discussed his controversial comments about Jewish people which he had previously apologized for addressing the backlash

To his past remarks which included praising Hitler and spreading conspiracy theories about Jewish people he said they got the right to their opinion I got the right to my opinion you understand what I’m saying we all have the right to our opinions but so many people will lose their jobs lose their

Careers for taking the steps that we took we went down for like a year and a half Kanye also directly addressed the Fallout from his October 2022 tweet saying he was going to go death Con 3 on Jewish people I even sent the apology and Adidas still with me some of

The stuff I was saying was true so in until y’all come up and say yo what he was saying some of that was true go ahead with all that black people can’t be anti-semitic we are Jews you understand what I’m saying we are Jew he added for

All the Jewish kids that love me I’m sorry if y’all had to hear a grown-up conversation with us screaming at each other but we got to a point where something needed to happen something needed to be said hhdx YouTube video player play button YouTube video Kanye West stands behind anti-semitic comments

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Claims black people are Jews late last year Kanye West released an apology in Hebrew to the Jewish Community following a continued stream of anti-semitic remarks I sincerely apologize to the Jewish Community for any unintended Outburst caused by my words or actions the apology reads in English it was not

My intention to hurt or demean and I deeply regret any pain I may have caused I am committed to starting with myself and learning learning from this experience to ensure greater sensitivity and understanding more in the future your forgiveness is important to me and I am committed to making amends and

Promoting Unity West had previously said he saw good things in Hitler and was seen in public with Holocaust deniers despite his show of remorse the rap Mogul addressed the controversy with a similar Defiance on his recently released album with taala sign vultur one crazy bipolar anti-semite SL and I’m

Still The King he wrapped on the closing song

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