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Kanye West Reveals Financial Struggle Amid Adidas Split Over Antisemitic Comments


Kanye West’s anti-semitic comments have gotten him in serious trouble but no punishments have had quite the impact as the dissolution of the partnership with Adidas the company first split with the controversial rapper back in October 2022 shortly after his Infamous death Kong comments as you revealed to TMZ on

Monday February 12th things got really dire around that time I’m going to be honest with y’all I was 2 months from going bankrupt really and we survived we survived through the cancellation the rapper also made comments about his issues with different companies he had worked with in the past on Footwear

Specifically overpricing though he didn’t mention Adidas specifically hhdx YouTube video player play button Kanye West Adidas termination Adidas announced at the time that it expected to lose approximately 246 million in net income in 2022 after parting ways with West elsewhere in his new interview ye discussed his controversial comments about Jewish

People which he had previously apologized for addressing the backlash to his past remarks which included praising Hitler and spreading conspiracy theories about Jewish people he said they got the right to their opinion I got the right to my opinion you understand what I’m saying we all have

The right to our opinions but so many people will lose their jobs lose their careers for taking the steps that we took we went down for like a year and a half Kanye also directly addressed the Fallout from his 2022 tweet saying he was going to go death Con 3 on Jewish

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People I even sent the apology and Adidas still with me some of the stuff I was saying was true so until y’all come up and say yo what he was saying some of that was true go ahead with all that black people can’t be anti-semitic we are Jews you understand

What I’m saying we are Jew he added for all the Jewish kids that love me I’m sorry if y’all had to hear a grown-up conversation with us screaming at each other but we got to a point where something needed to happen something needed to be

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