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Kanye West Rocks Dual Horror Masks in Spooky Video Shoot with Playboi Carti


Kanye West has brought a dose of Halloween to February for a video shoot with Playboy cardi the Chicago rap Legend was pictured wearing two creepy masks at once both inspired by classic horror films while filming an upcoming video in Los Angeles over the weekend West who was in a car with his wife

Bianca sorri was wearing a Michael Myers rubber mask with a Jason bori Style hockey mask over the top of it West and sorri were in the vehicle with Playboy cardi and Lucas Sab an actor and model the crew also reportedly stopped by the birthday party for Travis Scott’s children 6-year-old stormy and

2-year-old air although it’s unclear if Kanye wore the scary masks to The Bash while further details about the video shoot are unclear Playboy cardi is expected to appear on Kanye and taid doala dollar Ian’s upcoming album vultures volume one on a song called some which also features

Quo this is not the first time that Kanye West has worn a hockey mask in public he recently sported one while making a guest appearance at Travis Scott’s circus Maximus tour in Orlando during the surprise performance West performed a number of classic hits including runaway fade can’t tell me nothing all

Of the lights and father stretched my hands pt1 he also performed latest single vultures along with ta DOA sign and Bump J West didn’t however perform any of his many collaborations with Scott such as Piss On Your Grave watch wash Us in the blood and praise God while on stage

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Kanye West also confirmed that vulture’s volume 1 his first of three collaborative albums with tiala sign is still set to arrive on February 9th the duo previously announced that the other two installments will be released on March 8th and April 5th respectively Travis Scott also took the opportunity to give his longtime mentor

And collaborator his flowers hailing him as the greatest of all time I wouldn’t be here on this stage without my brother man he told the crowd he opened up these doors for me Make some noise for the greatest of all time

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