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Kayla Nicole Spotted with Jackson Mahomes Amid Legal Victory; Reveals New Dating Preferences


Kayla Nicole the ex-girlfriend of Travis Kelce was spotted spending nearly an hour with Jackson momes at a Vegas casino this week the pair were caught on camera chatting and seemingly swapping contact information in photos acquired by TMZ Nicole was Kelsey’s longtime Paramore before they broke up in

2022 Kelsey would then go on to form a relationship with Taylor Swift meanwhile momes the controversial younger brother of the chief’s QB is coming off a major legal win last month prosecutors filed a motion to dismiss three felony sexual battery charges from their case against Jackson Mahomes per TMZ sources the

Alleged victim has been uncooperative this has meant that the prosecution has had to amend the scope of their investigation the woman a restaurant manager in Overland Park told prosecutors that she does not want to press charges this was despite video evidence of the alleged assault emerging online

Furthermore sources have gone as far as to say that the woman had threatened to say she had been untruthful about the assault and that her encounter with momes had been wholly consensual Travis Kelsey X done with athletes meanwhile Nicole recently revealed that she has some new dating preferences Nicole said that after

Splitting with Kelsey she’s mostly over athletes I’ll never say never but I fully wholeheartedly believe that I am out of the athlete stage I would love to just date someone that I do think that I am attracted to men in positions of power I also think that those types of

Men are attracted to me so I would love to date an executive of a record label or a movie producer so that we can go to sporting events let date night be courtside at the Lakers game that’s my kind of guy Nicole said on the behind the likes

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Podcast despite this Nicole did recently shoot her shot with eagles QB jayen Herz Kelsey and Nicole dated on and off for several years before finally Calling it Quits in 2022 later Nicole explained that she had had to remove Britney Mahomes and other Chiefs Affiliated people from her social

Media because it was too painful for her to see them living their lives with Kelsey and Kelsey Snoop

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