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Keefe D, Accused in 2Pac Murder, Secures New Private Attorney Ahead of Trial


Late last year it was reported that the man accused of being responsible for two pac’s murder Keith D didn’t have the finances to hire a lawyer he would instead be using public defenders Charles cono and Robert aroyo who were appointed to represent him in November they dealt with his request for bail

Which was later set at $750,000 while it was more than his lawyers were hoping for prosecutors fought hard to keep him behind bars ahead of his trial they argued that he was simply too dangerous to let out he’s currently in custody at the Clark County Detention Center in Las

Vegas Keith D’s trial is scheduled for June of this year and to prepare he recently hired a new private attorney Carl Arnold a Nevada lawyer will replace his public defenders it’s unclear whether or not Keith D and his family will be able to gather the funds necessary to post his

Bail before the trial if he is released however he’ll be placed on house arrest Keith D secures new legal representation Tupac Shakur murder suspect Dwayne Davis ordered to house arrest until trial previously Keith D has spoken openly about his alleged involvement in two pac’s murder according to him however this was all

Simply for entertainment in a court filing from December his lawyers argued that their client believed he had immunity and discussed the case solely for financial gain the book and video inter inters were produced for a financial benefit under the belief that Dwayne had immunity they wrote the truthfulness of

The content of the interviews was never verified the book and interviews were done for entertainment purposes and to make money from a situation that kading and others had already profited Keith D pleaded not guilty to two pac’s murder in November and if convicted could face life in prison what do you think of

Keith D reportedly dropping his public defenders before trial share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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