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Kevin Hart Expands Lawsuit Against Tasha K, Adds Yelen Entertainment LLC As Defendant – The Hoima Post –


In an ongoing legal battle, Kevin Hart has extended his lawsuit against Tasha K, incorporating Yelen Entertainment LLC as an additional defendant. The comedian initially filed the lawsuit against Tasha K, accusing her of extortion after she conducted an interview with Miesha Shakes, his former assistant, making damaging allegations about Hart’s personal life. The lawsuit claimed that Tasha K’s team demanded $250K to refrain from releasing the interview.

Now, Hart has introduced Yelen Entertainment LLC to the suit, alleging that Tasha K’s husband, Cheickna Kebe, owns the company. According to Hart’s legal team, Yelen Entertainment is deemed “responsible for content [Tasha] publishes.” Hart contends that Yelen Entertainment is a “successor entity to Kebe Studios,” a company previously owned by Tasha K before her legal dispute with Cardi B. The comedian asserts that the establishment of Yelen Entertainment was an attempt to “evade financial liabilities.”

Within the legal documents, Hart’s team claims that both Yelen and Kebe were “merely shell entities” and “shams” of one another. They allege that Tasha K treated Kebe Studios and Yelen as her personal property, using them to conceal her activities, suit her convenience, and avoid obligations and liabilities. The accusations include dominating, controlling, and operating Kebe Studios and Yelen for personal gain while evading owed monetary and non-monetary responsibilities to others.

As the legal drama unfolds, Kevin Hart seeks to address alleged extortion and financial evasion by including Yelen Entertainment LLC in his lawsuit against Tasha K. Share your thoughts on these legal developments in the comments below.

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