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Killer Mike Sweeps Hip Hop Grammys, Responds to Criticism with Humor


Killer Mike is having an absolute Victory lap of a week the rapper recently took home an impressive sweep of hip-hop Grammys at the 20124 ceremony his new album Michael took home the award for best rap album of the year the standout track from the album is called scientists and engineers and it

Features future Andre 3000 and Aaron Allen Kaine the track took home two more Grammys of its own for both best rap song and best rap performance surprisingly though fan bases of others rappers who were nominated came for Mike online the biggest backlash likely came from Nicki

Minaj’s barbs and they did at least have a reason to be frustrated the official Grammy’s Twitter account mistakenly tweeted out about Nikki and Barbie world winning one of the awards which it didn’t that led them to get angry at Mike for actually winning the award another upset fan base

Was that of Travis Scott whose album Utopia Lost to killer Mike’s for best rap album one of Scott’s biggest fans streamer kaisen it followed up the award show with a viral rant aimed at Mike and now the rapper is standing up for himself Killer Mike takes the high road with

Kaison it Killer Mike started his response by thanking Kai for mentioning him on stream at all but he quickly gets into the jokes I want to come to the room I want to bring you a broom Mike jokes it’s a reference to the viral acceptance speech he delivered after

Winning his third Grammy in a row calling at a Grammy sweep just after winning the award Killer Mike was arrested before any information was made available online videos of him being led out of the pre-show in handcuffs made the rounds thankfully he was released shortly after and got right back to

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Celebrating his Trio of wins what do you think of killer Mike’s response to kaisen it not knowing who he is let us know in the comment section below

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