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Kirk Franklin Responds to Katt Williams’ Mention in Club Shay Shay Interview


Kirk Franklin has finally responded after being name checked by Cat Williams in his Club sh Shay interview last month you just shake your head it’s like Lord have mercy because I don’t know where it’s going but shout out to Cat Williams I just think that there are so

Many voices right now that are having the opportunity to speak their Journey their experiences and I just think that it’s important for everyone to have a platform to tell the truth and their story I don’t think anybody should be silenced anybody should be censored I think that every human being has the

Right to tell their voice and their story Franklin told hip hop DX at the Grammys Franklin got off lighter than most of the people mentioned by Williams during the now viral interview the more prevalent course of action was that if Williams was mentioning you you were about to get skewered by the veteran

Actor and comedian this has led to a wave of backlash ever since the interview came out Kevin Hart and Tiffany hadish both offered differing responses to Williams meanwhile ludicrous felt strongly enough to hit Williams with a freestyle disc Cat Williams Club sh Shay interview spoofed on Saturday Night Live

Meanwhile SNL dedicated a skit during their January 21st show to spoofing Williams much talked about interview ego Newton played Williams while Devon Walker played Shannon sharp the skit was buil as the 8-hour extended version of the interview three things are true about about me I am 5′ 3 in I have never

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Told a lie and I am 6′ 3 in nms Williams says furthermore the skit featured several jokes about Williams comments about Kevin Hart look Hollywood made Kevin Hart everyone knows Kevin Hart was made in the same Factory where they make Teddy Grahams why the hell he smell like cinnamon ranted

Williams other targets of nm’s Williams included Barack Obama and in uded Williams claiming he invented fruit meanwhile Renee rap brought out Megan the stallion as part of her Saturday Night Live musical spot the pair performed their collab not my fault which they recorded for the newly released Mean Girls remake the film is

Not directly a remake of the 2004 film but a blend of the original film and the wildly popular Broadway musical furthermore rap also performed her track snow angel from her album of the same name released last

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