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Latto Keeps the Heat Up with New Instagram Photo Dump


Latto has spent the better part of 2024 subliminally feuding with ice spice but don’t be fooled she’s still living her best life as her Sunday service single and response to the New Yorkers thank you the S asterisk asterisk T continues to rack up streams she’s gearing up for

Another hot girl Summer full of bikini clad photo shoots and soaking up the sun on Wednesday March 13th the blonde Beauty Unleashed a new Instagram photo dump full of thirst traps leaving L’s followers once again thirsting over her big mama ribbon two hearts cherry blossom lipstick growing heart sparkling

Heart revolving Hearts bikini purse habiscus heart with arrow she wrote in her caption posing in a cheetah print swimsuit and heels alongside multiple pink cars because Nicki Minaj has previously wrapped about having a pink Lamborghini some barbs have dropped by the comments to throw shade at L the atlanta-based baddies fans are sticking

Behind her though reminding any critics that the queen of rap doesn’t own the color pink lto reminds us she’s still that girl some of L’s Snaps are Selfies captured from the front seat of one of her cars others are video montages that show her surgically enhanced figure

Looking toned tight and ready to hit the beach it’s unclear if she was working on an upcoming project when shooting content in her swimsuit but she did promote Sunday service within her latest post while reminding us she’s still that girl friends and fans react you not letting up loudly crying face

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Smiling face with hard eyes never lose me hitmaker Flo Millie praised her fellow femc beneath the post hot two hearts TD artist Deek chimed in besides those two lto also got positive feedback from Ruby Rose and doeki along with hundreds of fans what a ni asterisk asterisk got to do one of them

Desperately asked hoping for a shot at the 777 hitmaker keep keep scrolling to read more replies and check back later for all the Hip Hop slop culture news updates

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