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Leaked Bodycam Footage Emerges 6 Years After XXXTENTACION’s Murder


It’s been almost 6 years since xxxt and T AO n was tragically murdered he was the victim of a premeditated robbery outside a store in Florida that tragically resulted in him being fatally shot cell phone videos of the aftermath of the incident quickly made their way

Online as the news broke but now years later body cam footage from one of the officers who responded to the scene has leaked online the video is very eerie for fans who remember pictures of the scene in the aftermath of the shooting while the clips don’t feature anything

Explicit they do show some of the immediate action taken by police following the shooting in the specific footage that leaked the officer wearing the camera talks to multiple Witnesses he takes notes as two people who saw what went down explain the details of the situation it’s unclear how the footage

Finally came to light after multiple years but it serves as a grim reminder for fans of the late rapper the clip was shared to YouTube earlier today and has racked up just a few thousand views since then body cam footage from xtentations murder leaks the news comes

Just after a much more wholesome viral story connected to X his son recently participated in the one bad word Tik Tok challenge where kids are left alone with the promise that they can say one bad word on camera despite the opportunity ex’s son doesn’t even want to say any

Bad words instead he takes the chance to show off his Spider-Man moves on camera last month his son also served as one of the models for the newest drop from X’s fashion brand Revenge what do you think of the newly leaked body cam footage from the day of extent murder do you

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Think video like this should be available for the public to view it all let us know in the comment section below

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