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Lecrae Reflects on Impactful Friendship with Kendrick Lamar


Lrae had the opportunity to be a sounding board for Kendrick Lamar early in the Compton natives career and he does not take it lightly hip hop DX caught up with lrae on the red carpet of the 2024 Grammy Awards on Sunday February 4th where he discussed his longtime friendship with the king kinta

Hitmaker without any details one of the reasons why Kendrick Lamar is one of my favorites is because early on he was really transparent and honest and allowed me to just be a voice in his life he said and I’ll always be grateful to him for that and I salute him in

Everything he does when asked about the way Kendrick has been able to exhibit growth while evolving in his music as well lrae added it’s mutual respect and I appreciate him for just trying to be a voice and wrestling we’re also wrestling and trying to put the pieces of the

Puzzle together and you know he knows I’m always down for the conversations and I’m always open to serve in any way I can man shout out to him for being transparent with it all though it’s all love for Kendrick Lamar lrae doesn’t really feel the same about Lila’s X the

Christian rapper took to social media last month and offered his thoughts on the potential consequences of the 24 year-old’s recent use of religious imagery okay I got to admit Lil nause is playing with fire mocking Jesus he wrote he’s getting the attention he wants from Folks at the risk of searing his

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Conscious still if God Can Transform King neb murders sick slave masters sex workers Etc he can add another blasphemer to the list in a lengthy caption he offered more context we generally find ourselves outraged at blatant disrespect of our Lord he wrote even the Torah in Leviticus 24 says the one who blasphemes

The name of the Lord shall surely be put to death but as frustrating as it may be to see here are some thoughts he continued one we have to remember God used different means to demonstrate his anger before Christ came now Jesus has taken the full cup of that wrath on the

Cross two be thankful that God is patient because many of us benefit from that grace mercy and patience today three when the blasphemy against the Lord was at its height Jesus was being beaten and in the process of being murdered and his response was father forgive them for they know not what they

Do let us remember to pray for folks who are blinded as we once

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