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Legal Settlement Reached Over Commercial Use of Iconic Biggie Smalls’ World Trade Center Photos


Some of the most iconic pictures in hip-hop history unsurprisingly belong to one of the genre’s most iconic figures moreover fans of any generation likely know the photos of Biggy Smalls with the World Trade Center’s twin towers as their backdrop photographer chimoto took them in 1996 and said that his lyrics on the

Song juicy referencing the towers partly inspired the shoot in Jersey City New Jersey however a 2019 lawsuit from Big’s estate claimed that modo legally licensed the snaps for sold products without respecting his rights unfortunately he passed away in 2021 and thus the battle turned to estate versus estate furthermore billboard reports

That Stacy Jennifer Trager Biggie’s Estates legal representative in this case announced a settlement on Thursday January 18th while its details are unknown at press time she explained that the rapper children and Mod’s Widow came to an agreement pictures of Christopher cannot be commercially exploited without a license from our client trer reportedly

Remarked to the outlet the settlement agreement is a testament to the dedication of our client as well as our team members in staying the course over several years Biggy Smalls World Trade Center photos as such it seems like Mod’s estate will still be able to sell physical and digital prints of the

Pictures however they will not be able to use the images for other products as suggested by the explanation of the settlement of course this joins a long list of other Legacy items that the hipop community Treasures especially for such an influential and impactful late legend for example Biggie’s autographed arrest

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Fingerprints and those of Tupac Shakur went on sale for $225,000 last year meanwhile as the West Coast icons murder case develops with the arrest of alleged culprit Keith D folks also claim that the Brooklyn MC staff is connected that emerged as a speculative Theory long ago and the

Mystery that surrounds both cases makes judging it a tough call regardless this settlement shows that his legacy will live on in respectful ways if his estate gets their word in for more news and the latest updates on bigy small

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