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Lil Scrappy Stands Up For Papoose Amidst Remy Ma Cheating Rumors – The Hoima Post –


Lil Scrappy is coming to the defense of Papoose amidst swirling rumors suggesting that Remy Ma may have cheated on her long-time husband with battle rapper Eazy The Block Captain.

In an Instagram Live session on Monday (January 1), the Atlanta rapper and reality star passionately spoke out against what he perceives as a double standard in supporting men who have been cheated on.

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Scrappy began, “When men do some shit, man, women stand up from all mountains of the earth. They stand up, [like], ‘Oh why would he do this shit?!’ But we ain’t heard nothing about what happened to Papoose! We don’t hear shit about that shit. Ain’t nobody standing up for Papoose saying, ‘Aw man, we sorry that shit happened to you. Shawty did you dirty!’ We ain’t hearing none of that shit, my n-gga.”

He continued, “We ain’t hearing none of that shit because ain’t nobody tryna stand up. And they talking about the Black woman is the most unprotected on the muthafuckin’ earth when n-ggas is dying daily. […] I’m standing up for the Black woman and I’m standing up for the Black man. That’s what I’m doing.”

Remy Ma has faced scrutiny since being accused of infidelity with Eazy The Block Captain, and recently leaked audio has reignited the rumors.

During a Christmas battle on December 25, John John Da Don, a battle rapper, went up against Eazy – the man alleged to be involved with Remy. Before the event, John John shared a since-deleted audio clip on Instagram, purportedly featuring Eazy admitting to the affair. While the audio’s authenticity remains in question, the man in it seems to confirm the relationship.

Despite Eazy responding in the comments, referring to the recording as “edited,” he didn’t deny that the voice in the audio was his.

Cracks in Remy Ma and Papoose’s relationship became apparent over the summer when Papoose reportedly confronted Eazy The Block Captain at a Chrome 23 event. The confrontation, said to be over Eazy getting “too cozy” with Remy, led to speculation about their relationship.

In late September, Eazy’s representative, Nicole Sabrina, mentioned that he is seeking an opportunity to share his side of the story. Meanwhile, Eazy hinted in a deleted Instagram Story that he would soon address the rumors.

Despite Remy and Eazy being spotted together at a Philadelphia Eagles game in November, questions surrounding the status of her marriage to Papoose persist.

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