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Live Performance For Sean Quince From Jamaica , Royal Roots Reggea Festival


Oh Father what Zion hallu yeah all prais unto the most high give thanks for life you know just allow me to introduce myself properly my name is Sean Quin I am from Jamaica and I represent for the coldhearted kids when I say my heart is cold it means it’s made of

Diamonds Frozen Frid solid tough yeah this song I’m about to do on my first performance is actually my biggest song notice there are a lot of guys they don’t know how to treat the women and uh yeah let the song speak for Itself [Applause] to all the beautiful ladies tonight up yourself what love I Night Girl from don’t ask get Woman Yeah a th you know yeah that one was called Co so guys [Applause] Got yeah K it from like a ball how you feeling tonight yeah it’s a joy to be among such beautiful people you know what I mean to see so many beautiful people just so relaxed and so calm and just enjoying the moment don’t forget to enjoy the moment the moment is priceless okay

Don’t forget to enjoy now now is important yeah We open we open we on open we hear me we Open Me Don’t See with cranberry Miss with it’s somebody me night me everything Simp like up me next minute like time one more 1 2 3 4 with cross for 2 yeah give a thanks know yeah fully FR fully Diamond fully solid fully tough cool got [Applause] Three loose when up everything you know CL my glory From Like try my tears like

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