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Ludacris and Lil Jon Team Up to Honor Usher in Super Bowl Commercial


Ludicrous and Lil John have teamed up to salute their old friend Usher in a new commercial for the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show the commercial for Apple music which was buil as a mini movie and also featured taji P Hensen reunited the two rappers to pay homage with their yeah

Collaborator Usher is set to take center stage during Super Bowl 58 on Sunday February 12th in the spirit of the classic comedy film The Hangover Lil John ludicrous and taji are given clues that they have to follow in order to get ushered to the Super Bowl on time along

The way they get a Little Help from an All-Star cast of supporters including Jay Balvin Anderson dopac Blue Man Group Comedian Chris Angel and Wesley Snipes and Andre 3,000 as alternate versions of themselves there are 14 songs interwoven throughout the film which has led to speculation that shh might be playing

Them during his set earlier this week Usher made headlines when he said that he loves the rebound R&B has made in recent years but he scoffs at the notion the genre was ever Dead The Narrative that R&B died has been an ongoing conversation in recent years and it came

To a fever pitch in 2022 when Diddy adamantly echoed the sentiment however artists like siza coko Jones Victoria Monae and more have brought new life into it in recent years and Ur is all the way here for it I’m very happy that there’s a new installation of R&B artists who care to

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Be authentic to what they are creating inspired by artists of the past he told billboard in a new interview published on Wednesday February 7th everybody who has ever said to me that R&B is dead sounds crazy especially when I know the origins of R&B are in all other genres

Of music it’s about creating Commerce in other spaces Lovers and Friends is a successful R&B Festival that gives you a place to go and celebrate the songs that we make we need things that you associate with R&B that you can buy into like with hip hop glasses clothes cars

Jewelry sneakers ancillary things that people can access R&B needs and has the potential to have those things as well he concluded my point is I never felt like R&B was dying I think it just needs expansion we’re moving toward a standard where people are looking at Snippets Tik

Tok Instagram and other things and when fans get it they take it and do something with it but if we start to think of it that way and create from that place the standards for R&B will change you won’t be able to compare it in an old versus new way

It’ll just be what it

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