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Man commits suicide after killing wife in Jinja


Jinja, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A 51- year- old man in Jinja has killed his wife and committed suicide.

Fred Mitega, a resident of Buwagi cell, in Northern division, in Jinja, killed his wife, Zaina Nakisige after developing misunderstandings on Saturday. Mitega hit her in the head and she bled to death.

One of the children informed local leaders about the incident, who then alerted the police leading to a search for his whereabouts.

Mitega’s body was found hanging on a tree in Buwagi cell.

The LCI Chairperson, Wilson Nkeire says that Mitega and Nakisige have been embroiled in  domestic brawls over infidelity,

He said that attempts to reconcile the two were futile.



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